Get water from Karnataka to save standing crop

PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss has appealed to the state government to release water from Mettur reservoir to save the standing crop. To facilitate the farmers, he urged the state government to get our due share of water from Karnataka government, as its reservoirs are full to its brim. 

The standing samba paddy crops across the delta region have started to wither, due to want of irrigation water. This was due to the poor rain during monsoon and the refusal of water from Karnataka, he alleged. Due to the poor inflow as well as the continuous discharge of water from Mettur reservoir, the water level has drastically begun to decline. 

This situation has made delta farmers worry since the standing crop should be irrigated within regular intervals. The water released from Mettur – 7000 cusecs, would never meet the requirement of the farmers in delta districts.