Absolute Liquor Ban

The PMK envisions a liquor free Tamil Nadu, for the state is now a home to highest percentage of Road Traffic Accidents, sucides and widows — all credit goes to liquor consumption.
The absolute ban on alcohol will put a period to this social menace,that has long been confronting the poor families of Tamil Nadu. We ensure to introduce an alternate source of income to tackle the revenue loss from Liquor sales,which is a source to many welfare schemes that benifit one third of TN, and enforce stringent laws to ensure illicit production of alcohol.

Corruption Free Government 

We endeavour to establish ‘Clean Politics’ in the state by building a strong system of justice that people can trust. Decentralised and transparent administrative reforms like Lokayukta, will ensure public probity and quick delivery of Public services —— like issuing Ration card, license etc.

Sustainable Agriculture

The rapid depletion of ground-water and fertility of farm lands in Tamil Nadu led it to the edge of a disastrous era of starvation. We feel obliged to attend this nature’s call and will restore
sustainable agriculture by :

    • Drafting a separate agri- budget, Promoting organic farming
    • Building numerous check Damns and implementing water highways and novel method of irrigation.
    • Collaborating with country like Isarael to incorporate advanced agricultural technologies and modern machinery
    • Offering100% subsidy for micro irrigation will be introduce
    • Encouraging self-entrepreneur ship amongst rural agriculture.

Fair and quality Health care

Our Party wants to reiterate the health revolution we made at national level in Tamil Nadu too, by creating a Health reform that will ensure free, qualitative and comprehensive Heath care services to everyone in the state. Efforts will be taken to increase the investments on Public Health infrastructures by inviting private- public partnership.

Infrastructure & Industrial Growth

To overlook on Industrial growth is to detract Tamil Nadu from its progressive path.With this understanding, we will create a conducive environment in the state for industries to start and thrive in by :

    • Creating a a single window clearance for speedy establishment of industries
    • High subsidy for investments in the rural sectors
    • 24 hour sustained power to all indistries.
    • Constriction of highways, airports,& industial zones.
    • Create land bank for easy acquiring of lands.
    • Drafting zonal blueprint for suitable industrial areas to ensure suatinable growth.
    • Construction and development of highways linking ports,airports & industries.

Advancing Education 

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. The past 50 years of Dravidian rule has brought us only terrible statistics that say — about 28.14 % rural students never entered schools and only 14.10% have completed 10th standard. To make this very foundation stronger we will  give:

    • Free Education to all
    • Raise the ‘Samacheer Kalvi’ to CBSE standard.
    • Incorporate advanced technology to make sure students find schools a fascinating place to be.

Employment and Skill Development

We believe humans are the most valued resource whether to the state or country’s economy. That said, we will ensure

    • Opportunities to enhance both hard and soft skills by establishing vocational educational centres across Tamil Nadu.
    • Improve Investment to broadern employement opportunities.